Baby & Me Benefits


Miss Cassie reading to Nina at Baby & Me storytime

Tiffany Laux started bringing her daughter Nina to Baby & Me storytime at Saddlebrook Branch when she was just three months old. As Nina’s first birthday approaches, you will still find the two of them at storytime every week.

“We make storytime a priority,” Laux said.

As a stay-at-home mom, Laux wanted to find an activity that allowed Nina to interact with other kids, and provided her with the opportunity to meet other moms. Storytime was a great fit.

“It’s different each week,” Laux said. “Some things stay the same, but there are always new stories, songs and rhymes to keep it fresh.”

The storytimes have been beneficial to both mom and baby. Nina is learning new early literacy skills and learning not to be intimidated or scared around other children. Laux has made friends with whom she and Nina socialize with outside of the library. “Some parents may feel apprehensive about adding another activity to their schedule, but the time we’ve spent at Baby & Me storytime is worth it.”

Saddlebook Baby & Me storytime takes place every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. For a full schedule of storytimes, visit


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