Summer Reading Program helps family get ready for school


Carter at Abrahams Branch LEGO Club

Summer Reading Program (SRP) means something a little different for everyone. Recently, I was able to meet up with Risa (mom), Carter (age 7), and Camden (age 3) to ask what Omaha Public Library and SRP mean to them.

For this family, SRP is the chance to make sure Carter doesn’t hit “pause” on reading over summer vacation. “He was at a high reading level at the end of first grade,” said Risa. “We want to keep up the momentum.” Carter finished SRP early this summer, largely due to an encyclopedia-like book on dinosaurs that he enjoyed reading word for word, and Risa feels he is prepared reading-wise for second grade.

Wednesdays have been designated as  a special “unplugged” day by the boys’ grandma, meaning there is no iPad time. Instead, Grandma takes Carter and Camden to library events. Attending library events gets Carter “charged up” on that topic for the week, pushing his reading momentum forward.


Camden at Abrahams Branch LEGO Club

Events are not the only thing that draws the Peterson family to the library. They like to stop in on free nights, and they enjoy looking for books or playing reading games on one of the library’s computers. Carter enjoys using the self checkout by himself.

When I asked Carter what his favorite thing about the library is, he gave an answer that any parent, teacher, or librarian would love to hear: “Reading.”


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