Storytime valuable to everyone involved

Rhonda Taylor, GBT Children's Academy Program Director

Rhonda Taylor, GBT Children’s Academy Program Director

Rhonda Taylor always looks forward to library time at Growing and Building Together (GBT) Children’s Academy. As the director of the Benson-area daycare facility, she was thrilled when the Benson Branch children’s librarian called and offered to visit GBT Academy, bringing the library to the children.

“We don’t have transportation for the kids, so it’s important for us to be able to offer the children an experience they might not otherwise have,” said Taylor.

On a Wednesday morning, Miss Nancy arrived for library time with toddlers and preschoolers. When asked what they most liked about storytime, the children responded with a variety of answers: Books, songs, dancing, stories and fun!

All of this activity caught Taylor’s attention. “There’s so much energy,” she explained. “It’s interactive and connects with the children through movement.” The impact has been positive. “The children are happier. Library time is an outlet for kids to be different and have special time outside of their normal routines.”

Singing about two little birds

Singing about two little birds

Storytime dancing

Storytime dancing

However, the children aren’t the only ones engaged with storytime. “We watch what Miss Nancy does and take away tips from her presentation style,” said Taylor. Specifically, Taylor has witnessed daycare teachers using movement and interactivity in keeping the children engaged. “We also appreciate having someone with a knowledge of early literacy and an appreciation for age-appropriate literature.”

Miss Nancy reading a story

Miss Nancy reading a story

Taylor feels that GBT Academy’s relationship with Omaha Public Library is something she can share with parents as part of their children’s personal enrichment and development. “Parents see it as special to know that we are going further and beyond.”

“I most value how the children respond to reading books and sharing stories when Miss Nancy visits. They love it!”

Storytime smile

There’s no arguing with that statement… the proof is on their faces. See more photos from OPL’s visit to GBT Academy here. Request a librarian to visit your childcare center by contacting your neighborhood branch.




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