My SRP 2014 – July 3

It’s a short week with the holiday, so I was only able to attend one program this week. On July 1, I attended Raptor-ology with Fontenelle Forest at Benson Branch. Michelle and Denise from Fontenelle Forest shared information about the different kinds of raptors that can be found locally, and even introduced us to an owl, a falcon and a hawk. We got to hear the different sounds they make, and learn more about what they eat and how they survive. Fontenelle Forest only keeps birds that are injured and aren’t strong enough to be out on their own. If they can regain their strength, they are released. If not, they have a home at Fontenelle Forest, which isn’t a bad gig if you ask me. If I saw one of these creatures in nature, I’d probably be more intimidated, but they were so docile during Raptor-ology that it was easy to forget that they feed on mice and bunny rabbits. Everyone in the room was fascinated to learn about the raptors and were kind enough to give them a “bird clap” after each bird made their appearance. A bird clap is quiet and simply performed by meeting one’s fingers to their thumb and it’s almost silent so as not to disrupt the birds. The birds were not camera-shy, however, and you can find more photos from the event on OPL’s Flickr page. If you missed this program, these feathered friends will be making more appearances in July. See their flight plan here.Peregrine falconTalonsHawk

The Wolf of Wall StreetI’d be remiss if I didn’t share the last item I checked out from the Library. In the spirit of making my way through the most recent Oscar-nominated films, I checked out The Wolf of Wall Street. Yes, there was a waiting list, but I barely noticed. The wait for the movie actually seemed shorter than watching it. Three hours… I just don’t have that attention span anymore, no matter how good the movie is, and I had to take a time out to play with my dog at one point. Anyway, the film itself was well-made, though three hours of excessively foul language, drug-use and sex was enough to weaken my faith in humanity, especially when I realized the movie was based off the same-titled book by Jordan Belfort – his personal memoir of his rise to riches and eventual crash. I’ve heard that the book and movie aren’t quite the same (never are), but it all left me with a feeling of ickiness that I can’t quite shake. Well done, Martin Scorsese… well done.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!


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