My SRP 2014 – June 10

Badge you earn when you spot the library director

Badge for spotting the library director!

With all the excitement of Summer Reading Program kick-off parties, I realized that I actually forgot to register! It was easy, and I have already earned five virtual badges toward my goal of 10. I earned one just for joining (easy enough!), and others for visiting W. Dale Clark Main Library and South Omaha Library, attending a library program, and spotting the library director. At this rate, I will meet my goal within a couple weeks!


Captain Phillips DVDI finally returned a DVD I had borrowed from the library after having used my full 14 days allowed. Sorry to those who were on the waiting list for Captain Phillips! Each year following the Oscars, I remember to place a hold on films that were nominated for awards. Yes, I do have to wait a while sometimes, but it’s like a special surprise when I get my notice to pick up my movie. Anyway, I enjoyed this film quite a bit. Tom Hanks gives an excellent performance, and it was a solid reminder than we never really know what can happen that might change our lives forever on any given day…

Summer Reading Program badge

I earned this badge at the ice cream program. Woot woot!

Yesterday, I attended the Science of Ice Cream program at South Omaha Library. About 20 kids and teens showed up to learn how to make their own ice cream with just a few simple ingredients and some muscle power. I was really impressed with how well some of the ice cream turned out, and there were some delicious toppings to make it even better. Some kids ended up with ice cream that resembled a malt (didn’t quite set), but they didn’t seem to mind. There will be several more ice cream programs taking place this summer. I would highly recommend visiting one if your schedule allows… and there’s another fun badge involved, too!

Making ice cream at the librarymaking ice cream at the librarymaking ice cream at the library

See more photos from this event on OPL’s Flickr page!


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