Erin Human: ‘You made our day’

Erin Human, a Boston native who has resided in Omaha since 2006, is mother to boys Miles (3) and Julius (almost 2). She is also a devoted Omaha Public Library patron. Saddlebrook Branch received this thank you note from Human in July:

“Thank you for a great experience at the Saddlebrook Branch hydrant party today. My older son, Miles, is sometimes nervous around adults he doesn’t know. Unfortunately I have found that many adults respond negatively to him when they mistake his speech delay for rudeness or unfriendliness.

Miss Nancy, whom I remember from the toddler storytime we used to attend, was there at the hydrant party today and was so wonderful with Miles. Instead of scolding him for not waiting in line, or hurrying him through the sprinklers as he hesitated, she was encouraging and upbeat even when he didn’t really respond to her verbally. I couldn’t believe it when I saw him take her hand and let her lead him through the water – he would not do that with just anyone! It was a super fun time for the kids and it touched me to see someone interact with him in such a positive way. I’m sure the library has heard before what an amazing children’s librarian you are, Miss Nancy, but I wanted to thank you personally and let the branch know that you made our day.”

Post-letter, Human was happy to share even more.

One thing’s for sure: You can count Human among Miss Nancy’s many fans. “I always thought Miss Nancy had an engaging, playful storytelling style and had that magic touch when it came to getting a roomful of little kids to pay attention,” Human shared with enthusiasm. “It’s been a while since we attended toddler storytime, but I feel like I should take Julius now that Miles is in school.”

Human and her family are library superusers. Benson Branch is her family’s home library. “Twice a week after school we walk to the Library to return and borrow books,” she said. “We have piles of library books all over the house! [My husband and I] read to our boys at bedtime and throughout the day.

“I just absolutely love OPL! I appreciate the Bestseller Express for hot new books and I always find it easy to find a few things I would love to read, even with two kids in tow. I enjoy OPL’s Facebook page a lot; it’s entertaining and fun for a book lover to follow.”

Letters of praise or thanks are few and far between, but OPL staff is always grateful for them. To know that somebody has taken time out of his or her day to share their story with the Library makes us thankful in return.

Human, also an artist, whipped up this illustration just for us. Enjoy!

Erin Human library illustration


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