100th Blog Post: Our Top 10

100th Blog Post: Our Top 10

Omaha Public Library’s blog launched on May 14, 2011. Over two years and 99 posts later, our blog is going strong thanks to YOU.

That said, our 100th post is cause for celebration! We’re sharing our Top 10 most popular posts, according to views. There’s something here for everybody: local author Q&As, library success stories, and plenty of inspiration.

#10 – January 20, 2012Andrew and Jillian find love at Omaha Public Library

Finding Love in Unexpected Places … The Library

Proof that you can find love almost anywhere! Jillian and Andrew met at an OPL speed dating event in 2011, and married on June 29, 2013.

Mary Marchio at Omaha Public Library


#9– April 11, 2013

OPL Retiree: Creativity is Key

KIOS-FM host Mary Marchio, former OPL employee and current volunteer, shares how art and creativity has played a role in her life.


#8 – July 18, 2013Library offers mom happiness and companionship

Find Happiness and Companionship at a Library Branch Near You

In one of the most sincere letters OPL has received, an Omaha resident and OPL patron shares how the Library provided her mom with happiness and companionship after the death of a loved one.

#7 May 2, 2013Omaha author Rainbow Rowell signing a book at Omaha Public Library

5 Questions with: Rainbow Rowell [author]

Homegrown author Rainbow Rowell chats Omaha, libraries and imagination. Her new book Fangirl is out, and she’s part of a trio of young adult authors visiting OPL’s Saddlebrook Branch this October.

#6 – February 29, 2013Jane Austen Tea 2012 at Omaha Public Library

Family Creates a Tradition at Omaha Public Library

You never know when you’ll create a lasting tradition. This was Julie Desrosiers and her family’s third time attending the annual tea. Read about the event and her love of Jane Austen.

#5– June 20, 2013Rosie and Tara of Omaha's Golden Threads Quilting Club

Quilting Club Finds Home at OPL, ‘hidden treasure’

Tara, Rosie and Celeste provide a look inside the Golden Threads Quilting Club. The group meets weekly at Charles B. Washington Branch and constructs quilts that are donated to Omaha seniors.


#4 – December 28, 2012Yan Zhang of Omaha

Harvard-Bound Student: ‘Without OPL, I would not be the person I am today ’

Read and be inspired. Millard West High School graduate Yan Zhang credits Omaha Public Library for contributing to her academic success; she now attends Harvard University.

#3 – March 13, 2013Nancy Rips at Omaha Public Library

OPL Thanks Nancy Rips, a ‘real treasure’

Omaha Public Library pays tribute to author, library supporter and “beloved Omaha book maven” Nancy Rips, whose energy, passion and heart are unparalleled.

#2December 12, 2012Isa Chandra Moskowitz at Omaha Public Library Culinary Conference

5 Questions with: Isa Chandra Moskowitz [author & vegan cooking expert]

The local vegan cook, author, Post Punk Kitchen creator, and newly-minted restaurateur talks Omaha, her blog, and where she finds inspiration.


#1 – June 24, 2013Persephone Books Collection at Omaha Public Library

The Persephone Collection

In June 2013, OPL incorporated Persephone Books into circulation. The collection contains reprints of often neglected, and nearly lost or out-of-print titles by mostly women authors. If you have yet to pick up one of these grey-covered gems, we highly encourage you to discover this cult favorite today.


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