Summer Reading Program good prep for a new school year

Sue Smith, mother of two and a transplant from Murdock, Neb., signed up for her Omaha Public Library (OPL) card before summer hit this year. Her kindergarten-age daughter Meighan also received her library card.

Meighan’s early interest in words and stories is what inspired Smith to register both herself and her daughter for Summer Reading Program (SRP). “She is very interested in reading and loves to be read to. She started asking ‘What’s that say?’ when she was quite young, so I knew she would be an early reader,” Smith shared. “One time we were in the grocery store and there was a book display. She told me “That says ‘zoo’!” I told her she read a word, and from there it’s been more words all the time.”

So with that, this mother and daughter team began reading their way through summer. One thing in particular boosted Meighan’s Omaha Public Library Summer Reading Programmotivation to read: a free book, the reward for any child who completed 25 books during the two-month program. “She likes books, and especially free books. So when I told her she could get a book if she read 25 books, she was all for it!” Smith said. In fact, Meighan was so proud of her reward that Smith shared a photo on Facebook (inset) of her surrounded by the very books that earned her a prize.

Smith’s personal SRP success took a backseat to assisting Meighan in reading for the prize, but the reward for Smith was immeasurable. “Meighan learned more words. I enjoyed helping her sound out words and hear her joy as she figured out new ones. I just told her the words if she didn’t already know them, or helped her to sound them out. She starts kindergarten this month, so I hope this helps her to enjoy that even more. [SRP] made her more excited for kindergarten.”

A post-first day of kindergarten report: “They’ve already had library time,” Smith divulged. “Meighan told me about their time in the library and how they can check out books… she’s excited for that.” Enjoy photos below of Smith’s two children, Meighan and Dawson.

Summer may be over, but reading has no season. Find your next great book at

Meighan and Sue Smith read at Florence Branch

Meighan and Sue Smith read at Florence Branch

Reading at Florence Branch

Florence Branch at Omaha Public Library


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