My SRP 2013 – Day 57

Only a few days of Summer Reading Program left and I am on a mission to complete at least one more book and to attend at least one program to complete visiting all 12 OPL locations. This week, I attended the Big Puppet-Making workshop at Florence Branch. Brian Henning led the workshop – the same Brian Henning who did the Native American Puppet Show at Willa Cather Branch that I attended earlier this summer. He had examples of many different large puppets, and he showed the kids how easy it was to make their own puppets from things they can find around their house. For example, the puppets we made on Wednesday were constructed from used milk jugs, construction paper, duct tape and plastic tablecloths, among other things. The best part of the workshop was that Brian encouraged the kids to use their imaginations. They didn’t need to follow the example he provided – they could make their own creation and do whatever they wanted! We ended up with puppets that had different shaped heads or hair made of yarn, and some people turned their puppet into a different creature altogether. A good time was had by all. I included pictures below and you can view all of them on OPL‘s Flickr site. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend of reading. The weather should be perfect for sitting outside with your favorite book!



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