My SRP 2013 – Day 20

Well, I have been slacking on the blog lately – but feel like I have some legitmate excuses! 1) I took a few days off to attend the College World Series. It’s my favorite time of the year in Omaha and this woman cannot live on SRP alone! 2) There has been a lot of chatter lately surrounding the library and the city budget. Part of my job is helping to arrange media interviews – and that has kept me more than a bit busy over the past 24 hours: Omaha World-Herald, KETV, KMTV, WOWT, KIOS and more…

I was pleased over the weekend to see some of the regularly featured library columns in the Omaha World-Herald. My boss writes a column in the Community Connect section once a month, and the article featuring Stephen Swartz’s book recommendations was also featured.

Raising the flag on Iwo Jima by Joe Rosenthal

I finished my second SRP book on Monday. Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley shared the personal stories of the six men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima during WWII. Like many people, I have always revered the iconic image of the flag raisers with respect and embraced it as a symbol of the human spirit and national pride. After reading this book, I look at the image now and those feelings have deepened, and more than that, I see Franklin, Mike, John, Ira, Harlon and Rene. The book put faces to the sacrifices made by these men and the countless others that serve in the military, and it broke my heart to think of the nightmares that haunted the survivors of such a brutal battle.

My next book is shifting gears big time – Eleanor & Park by Omaha’s own Rainbow Rowell. I’ve been meaning to read this one for a while – but you cannot even imagine my “to-read” list at any given time. Anyway, as a recent winner of the 2013 Boston Globe–Horn Book Awards for Excellence in Children’s Literature, I am very much looking forward to reading it and will let you know what I think!

Because SRP is about more than reading, I attended the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) program for teens at Millard Branch yesterday afternoon. Do you notice a pattern here? Teen programs and YA literature… I might be trying to recapture my youth this summer. Anyway, the program was presented by C.L. Retelsdorf from the Douglas County Crime Lab. This program was SO interesting. I think I’ve previously shared my interest in true crime, so this was right up my alley. We (me and about 60 teens) learned about how to dust for fingerprints, how to detect blood, and even how to recover bullets and figure out what direction they came from. Retelsdorf also shared crime scene pictures. Walking away from that program, I learned a lot, but the greatest mystery still remains: What does C.L. stand for in C.L. Retelsdorf? I will come up with a prize for anyone who can tell me 😉 More photos are available on Flickr!

Collecting fingerprints

Collecting fingerprints

Testing for the presence of blood

Testing for the presence of blood


Ketchup, blood or magic marker?


Which direction did the bullet come from?

This afternoon will be busy. I’m scheduled to talk about SRP on WOWT’s 4 p.m. news today and there’s a library Board of Trustees meeting at our Saddlebrook Branch at the same time. I need an SRP program to teach me how to make a clone of myself, though I think my family, friends and co-workers would definitely object!


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