My SRP 2013 – Day 15

Wednesday I went to Brian Henning’s Puppet Show at Willa Cather Branch. I can’t remember the last time I saw an actual puppet show. “Actual” meaning not just someone with a sock on their hand talking in a funny voice. Henning will be doing other puppet shows during Summer Reading Program, but this was the only Native American puppet show – sharing stories from Native American culture. Children of all ages watched the show, smiled and laughed, and at the end, made their way into the main part of the library to look for books and make Father’s Day crafts.

Brian Henning

Brian Henning

Native American Tales puppet show

Native American Tales puppet show

Native American Tales puppet showpuppet show at Willa Cather Branchlibrary patrons reading

Thursday afternoon, I attended one of my favorite programs at South Omaha Library. Kip from Wildlife Encounters presented a variety of unusual animals that dig – appropriate to Wildlife Encounters at Omaha Public Librarythe “Dig Into Reading” theme of Summer Reading Program. The program was fun for parents and kids alike, and the librarians got into the action, too. There were a few people that were horrified when approached with a lizard that looked like a snake, but one young boy didn’t even flinch when a big, hairy tarantula was placed on his shoulder! I even got in on the action to get my picture taken with some of the exotic creatures. I highly recommend attending one of these programs this summer if you can!

Hedgehog coming uncurled

Hedgehog coming uncurled

tarantula at Omaha Public Library

Me with a tarantula on my shoulder… no biggie 😉

brave boy and a tarantula

So brave!

kangaroo at Omaha Public Library

Oakley the awesome kangaroo!

To see more pictures from both events, check out OPL‘s Flickr page. -Emily


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