My SRP 2013 – Day 13

Yesterday was a great day for SRP! I met with one of our collection development specialists to learn about some new books that will be available by the end of the month. I can’t wait to share more about them – as soon as I can! 😉

Next, I went to The Amazing Bubble Show presented by Omaha Children’s Museum at Benson Branch. We saw bubbles of all kinds: big bubbles, bubble clusters, bubbles that made smoke and even a bubble time machine! More than 120 kids and adults enjoyed the show! I included some pictures below.

Catching a bubble

Catching a bubble

Mixing just the right formula for a colorful bubble explosion

Mixing just the right formula for a colorful bubble explosion

Trying to decide where to go in the bubble time machine...

Trying to decide where to go in the bubble time machine…

Being transported through the bubble time machine

Being transported through the bubble time machine

Stephen M. Swartz

Stephen M. Swartz

While at Benson Branch, I also met Stephen M. Swartz, a gentleman who was kind enough to let me interview him for an upcoming article in the Omaha World-Herald. Stephen shared some of his favorite books and authors and you can read about that in the Living section of Saturday’s paper. I so enjoy working on that column. I meet new people and learn about things I didn’t even know existed. Stephen is a retired county judge who now spends his time reading and volunteering. He volunteers at the Nebraska Online Legal Self-Help Center offering free legal advice, and he claims the best job he’s ever had is walking dogs at the Nebraska Humane Society – which resulted in the adoption of a dotson/basset hound mix named Gertie… I hope I got that right. I got a little distracted trying to imagine what that dog must look like!

Archie comics were my favorite by far! Were you a fan of Betty or Veronica?

I almost forgot to mention how excited I was over the weekend to receive a text from my sister asking how she could sign up her family for Summer Reading Program. Okay, that wasn’t specifically her question (she couldn’t remember her library card PIN number), but she needed an answer in order to get registered. My sister is an avid reader. As kids, we went through so many books that we read them again and again, until we had them memorized. Fortunately, my grandparents had a seemingly endless supply of comic books stashed away in the closet of the upstairs bathroom at their farm house. That worked for us since we grew up in Sarpy County with an Omaha address and didn’t technically belong to any library. Anyway, I was thrilled that my sister was finally signing up for SRP. Seriously, when you read as much as she does, why not increase your odds of winning cool prizes like memberships to the zoo, Film Streams or Durham? Someone in the family might as well since I can’t win! Furthermore, she planned to download an eBook to her Kindle that night from the library’s website. Small victories for me, but I will take them!

Join me this afternoon at Willa Cather Branch to enjoy Brian Henning’s puppet show! – Emily


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