Fifth Graders Send Thanks for Storytelling

Nothing says “thank you” like a handwritten note. Make that twenty-five of them!

“You’re the best librarian in the world. Thank you for using your time to tell us stories. You’re the best.” –Zach

“It was very polite of you to welcome us to the library and tell us some neat stories! Thank you!” –Alissa

“I just love books!” –Logan

The above and 20+ more enthusiastic heart-shaped messages were sent by fifth graders from Ronald Reagan Elementary School in Omaha. The lucky recipient was librarian Mary Mollner, who shared stories from the Revolutionary War during a storytelling session with Kathy Hasselbalch’s fifth grade class at W. Dale Clark (Main) Library.

The teacher included her own special note, stating, “Thank you for sharing your time, talent and knowledge with our fifth graders. What a joy to have people like you in our community.”

Enjoy a sampling of the notes below. If you enjoy this story, don’t miss our previous post where students expressed their gratitude through letters and drawings.


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