Husband Surprises Wife with Dancing at OPL

Two surefire ways to spice up a marriage of 16 years: Surprises and laughs. One couple found both at Omaha Public Library.

Like so many married couples, Joe and Jennie White indulge in date night. “Date night is whenever we have some extra money or something neat is going on like the Omaha Symphony,” the self-described “rabid readers” shared.

And also like so many couples, this husband and wife have their varying interests. “Jennie had been talking about it for years, and dropping numerous hints and references that she would love to ballroom dance,” said Joe. The prime opportunity to surprise his wife presented itself when he saw an advertisement for an Omaha Ballroom-hosted class at Millard Branch. He planned accordingly.

On one seemingly ordinary date night last fall, Joe suggested Jennie wear comfortable shoes. But when the couple pulled up at the Library, she was confused; the Library was not Jennie’s idea of a date. But upon their entrance into class, she was astonished. “I never thought I would get him on a dance floor. We only danced one dance at our wedding,” she divulged. And they both immensely enjoyed themselves. “One of the reasons we have been married so long is that we laugh with each other a lot. Ballroom dancing was fun and it made us laugh with each other.”

Joe even agreed to take more classes in ballroom dancing.

(This is the second story to come from this class. In “Siblings Strike a Deal for Ballroom Dancing,” read how Tessa paid her brother Pierce $50 to be her dance partner.)

A class or workshop at OPL can offer lifelong memories and laughs, and a free way to try something new. View our calendar to discover what free and fun events are happening at an OPL branch near you!





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