OPL Thanks Nancy Rips, a ‘real treasure’

Thank you, Nancy Rips

Nancy Rips

Those who have had the great pleasure of working with and knowing Nancy Rips know that the beloved Omaha book maven exudes energy, drama, passion and heart.

“Nancy taught me the power of the magical word ‘fabulous,’” said W. Clarke Swanson Branch Manager Sarah English.

For more than 20 years, Rips has shared her fabulousness with Omaha Public Library (OPL) as a Trustee, Friend of OPL, and a member of the OPL Foundation board. Her service with OPL comes to a close in June as her term as a Trustee ends. While she will definitely be remembered for her countless appearances, relentless advocacy, and the books she’s written, staff at OPL will remember her support.

“Nancy is a real treasure. No one has put in the time she has to get to know our library staff personally. She delivers candy during the holidays, writes and sings songs for our special events, and participates in so many of our programs.  She is truly one of a kind!” said Executive Director Gary Wasdin.

Rips’ involvement with the Library comes as no surprise – she developed affection for books at a very young age.

“My sister walked me to the bookmobile and signed me up for my first library card at age 4,” Rips recalled. “I loved my card and the books were my friends.”

Rips has made a career of surrounding herself with friends. She began working with books at B. Dalton book store in Westroads Mall. It didn’t take long for others to notice her love for books and, as a natural storyteller, she brought the words to life through book reviews on regularly scheduled television and radio appearances. She eventually penned her own books to share stories from traditional Jewish holidays: Seder Stories: Passover Thoughts on Food, Family, and Freedom; Hanukkah Stories: Thoughts on Family, Celebration and Joy; and High Holiday Stories: Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur Thoughts on Family, Faith and Food.My First Berkshire ABC book cover

In May 2013, Rips will introduce her first children’s book at the 2013 Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. My First Berkshire ABC (illustrated by Tom Kerr) is a hardcover souvenir book that all ages can enjoy. Not a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder? No worries! The book will be available for purchase at The Bookworm and for loan on the shelves at Omaha Public Library.

While there are certainly many new adventures on the horizon for Rips, it’s likely that Omaha Public Library will continue to play a role in her life.

“Libraries bring people together. Reading is core to life, books are exciting and there are so many wonderful activities!” said Rips. “I’m happy about the relationships I’ve built. It’s an honor to have been involved in such a worthy project for so many people.”

Read more about Nancy Rips at nancyrips.com.


Nancy Rips with OPL Executive Director Gary Wasdin.

2 Nancy Rips at Omaha Public Library


Nancy Rips with OPL staff at a “Murder in the Library” event.


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