Siblings Strike a Deal for Ballroom Dancing


Brother and sister pair Pierce (16) and Tessa (18) Fulmer found themselves in an unusual agreement involving Omaha Public Library, Ulysses S. Grant and ballroom dancing.

Tessa, a frequent OPL user, saw a poster on the door at Millard Branch, 13214 Westwood Ln., that piqued her interest: a free Omaha Ballroom-hosted dance class. “I really wanted to try the class, but I needed a partner. Pierce was the most convenient one, and the only way to convince him to come was with a bribe,” Tessa shared.

So she made her brother an offer he couldn’t refuse: fifty bucks to be her dance partner.

“I had a great time,” she shared. “It was unlike anything I’d done before. I feel like I learned quite a bit and I got to mess with my brother a little, so it was worth it to me.”

Pierce chimed in, “The class with Tessa was definitely worth the bribe. It was pretty decent fun, and the people were nice to talk to. That was a well received $50.”

Pierce and Tessa agreed that the class was worthwhile, and that its attendees seemingly enjoyed themselves. “We think it would be worth doing again.” We’re curious: Would Pierce do it free of charge this time?

You never know what unique or unexpected experience the Library may bring! View OPL’s events calendar and register for a class, book club or workshop. Explore a hobby or try something you wouldn’t otherwise try, and ask a friend or family member to join you.


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