Take a Page – Gail Beaudry-Heuton

120112GailBHEvery other week, Omaha Public Library shares what our patrons are reading with the Omaha World-Herald. This week, Willa Cather Branch patron Gail Beaudry-Heuton shared five of her favorite reads.

 Burning Lamp To Kill A Mockingbird Gardens of Stone

Beaudry-Heuton’s recommended reads:

1. Burning Lamp by Amanda Quick. This author is amusing, but there’s a familiarity, too. It’s like visiting an old friend and learning something new.

2. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. How could you not like this book? I worked with an older woman many years ago and I read this book to her. We both enjoyed every minute of it. This is also one of my favorite movies.

3. Anything by John Steinbeck. Steinbeck has an incredible insight into human nature and creates wonderful pictures succinctly.

4. Gardens of Stone by Nicholas Proffitt. This book represents the time of the Vietnam War, the mood of the country and mood of the soldiers.

5. Anything by Nora Roberts. How many books has that woman written? Her books always have a well-researched and interesting setting, and still have a story that moves.


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