Say What You Mean and Wear What You Say

Don Ferree, Jr.
Graphic T-shirts can serve as a wearable billboard of personal expression ¾ a way of letting people know what you think, how you feel, or what your interests are without ever saying a word.
Donald Ferree, Jr. was at Millard Branch, 13214 Westwood Ln., when he spotted an OPL T-shirt on display and asked where he could get one. They sent him to OPL’s marketing manager Emily Getzschman.
“It’s not every day that I have people asking for OPL T-shirts, so this request was interesting to me,” said Getzschman. It took a while to find a T-shirt in the correct size, but eventually she located one. When Ferree came to pick it up, Getzschman asked, “What’s up with the T-shirts?” Ferree replied that he didn’t know of anyone who wore T-shirts if they didn’t believe in the cause, and he could think of no more noble institution to support than the public library.
“I use the Library for everything,” said Ferree. As an Omaha Public Schools educator, he tries to use the Library in the way his students might – for books, computers, Internet access and more. “I try to think about how to find information in the same way my students might.”
Ferree found his way to show support for OPL and you can, too! Be a Friend, make a gift to the OPL Foundation, or ask at your local branch for your very own OPL merchandise!

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