Love the Library Forever

In 2010, Aurel Couch left a generous bequest to the Omaha Public Library Foundation. Aurel and her husband Ira Couch, Jr. were generous and impassioned supporters of Omaha Public Library.
Aurel Couch
The couple had two children, Stewart and Sandra. Sandra fondly remembered her mother taking her and Stewart on weekly outings to W. Clarke Swanson Branch, 9101 W. Dodge Rd. She also recalled her mother’s bedside table piled high with books borrowed from Swanson Branch. Aurel’s love of reading was passed on to Sandra, who takes stacks of books on vacation. Aurel also passed her love of books on to her granddaughters, Sarah and Sophia; she read to them every time she visited them.
Aurel’s lifelong love of words also included completing the New York Times crossword puzzle. She wanted everyone to know the joy of words and of reading, and that is why she remembered the Library with a planned gift.
If you would like to follow Aurel Couch’s example and “Love the Library forever,” consider remembering the Library in your estate planning. Your gift will help to ensure that generations to come will have access to Library programs and materials. For more information, call 402.444.4589 or email

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