Take a Page – Kirsten Macdissi

Kisten Macdissi

Every other week we share what our patrons are reading with the Omaha World-Herald. This week, Millard Branch patron Kirsten Macdissi recommends five of her favorite reads:
  1. The Weird Sisters” by Eleanor Brown. This is one of those novels that delves into family dynamics and all of the Shakespearean references are fun.
  2.  When You Are Engulfed In Flames” by David Sedaris. The name of the author says it all. Nobody looks at the world quite like David Sedaris.
  3. The Importance of Being Kennedy” by Laurie Graham. This book takes a look at JFK and his siblings from the nanny’s point of view with lots of historical (and pop culture of the times) details. While it’s definitely fiction, Graham has done her homework.
  4. Caleb’s Crossing” by Geraldine Brooks. This book is about the first Native American to attend Harvard, but really it’s about the intersection of cultures in those early days of New England. It’s Brooks’ writing that makes this novel a good read.
  5. “Towers in the Mist” by Elizabeth Goudge. This book might be hard to find now, but if you like Tudor England, this novel imagines Oxford in that time period, with a young Sir Philip Sydney and Sir Walter Raleigh appearing in the cast of characters.

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