Getting Crafty at the Library

If you’ve seen a promotional flyer for a crafting event at Omaha Public Library, chances are, you know what Micki Dietrich looks like. Dietrich brought her knitting supplies to OPL’s brand photo shoot in 2009 and has since become the face of most crafting events at the Library.

While not the only crafty librarian at OPL, Dietrich may be the most publicized. Not only is she featured on flyers, but she’s also been a frequent guest on KMTV’s The Morning Blend demonstrating crafting projects. 
Dietrich started crafting when she was really young. “It was always a big part of what I did when I was growing up,” she said.

Her “big awakening” in crafting came when her grandmother taught her how to knit in about 20 minutes on Thanksgiving a few years ago. “It took off from there,” she said. 

From making dishrags to paper crafts to an intricate lace scarf, Dietrich’s crafting skills have grown. She even hosts a monthly Get Crafty program at Saddlebrook Branch, where she works as a library specialist. On the second Wednesday of the month, about seven people get together each week to work on their craft projects. Dietrich said the group takes crafters of all kinds – knitters, crocheters, quilters, latch hook crafters and even non-crafters. “It’s a great way for people to learn about what everyone else does.” 
Watch Dietrich on the Morning Blend following the links below, including today’s appearance where you can learn a great last-minute Valentine’s Day craft! 
Valentine’s Day 2012 – Lollipop flower craft
Valentine’s Day 2011 – “Mug hugs” for your coffee mugs
Holidays 2010 –  Recycled holiday cards
For more information about crafting programs at OPL, check out our events calendar at

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