Bringing the Library Home

OPL's Homebound Program brings books to your front door

Omaha Public Library’s Homebound Program serves patrons with physical impairments which prohibit them from coming to the Library. With this service, the Library mails items to its patrons with a return mailing label. Postal carriers deliver these items back to the library free of charge. The Library serves nearly 140 patrons currently with this service, and last year more than 5,000 materials were made available to those patrons.

We received this letter from a homebound patron sharing his gratitude for the program:
My early time in Omaha, I too accessed Sorensen Branch, walking from Salvation Army on Cuming Street on a cane and with limited vision. (My right eye is non-functioning due to a stroke.) Homebound opened up a lot for me. I am a “disabled Veteran” but still working as a full-time artist (painter). I have all my life haunted libraries, seeking speciality materials for my profession and spiritual ambitions. I try to donate each year, as I know that some of my books come dear, and postage is not cheap. Additionally, library staff are normally so kind and courteous, helping me through my confusion at seeking materials. I don’t attend the library much, too difficult, but you bring the library into my home. After living in 8 different U.S.A. states, I do not recall such a (Homebound) program. I dearly want to see it continued. … God bless “Homebound” every one! And thank you.
Terry Strauss

For more information on this service or to apply, visit


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