10 Ways to Use Your OPL Card in 2012

Omaha Public Library wants to help turn your New Year’s resolutions into successes. Resolve to use your library card 10 new ways in 2012!
1.       Save money
Don’t buy that book you want to read. Borrow it for free!
2.       Get in shape
Make working out easier by listening to a Playaway MP3 book.
3.       Spend more time with family
Join Winter Reading Club as a family, and set aside time to read.
4.       Learn a new language
Mango Languages can help you learn Spanish, Japanese, Russian and more from the comfort of your computer.
5.       Travel
Check out our extensive selection of current travel guides online and in branches.
6.       Read more
Join a book club a great way to motivate yourself to read new and interesting books.
7.       Find a new job
The library can help you create a new resume, search for jobs online and build skills with informative workshops.
8.       Discover your family history
Build your family tree by using the genealogy collections downtown and online.
9.       Improve grades in school
Use OPL’s many Homework Help services, including free online tutors.
10.   Volunteer in your community
Help support your library and your community by volunteering at your local branch. Ask about the many ways you can help!

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